Isabelle Vernhes and Philippe Coudray, who are both passionate  about beautiful  objects and world travel, have founded ‘My Tailor Home’ an Indian company whose vocation is to offer with exclusivity "in India" French creations to professionals and private clients, spearheading French lifestyle  in the field of  luxury decoration.
Travel, encounters, cultural discoveries, a love of India and of beautiful objects, have transported the two associates into this new adventure. 
With ‘My Tailor Home’, Isabelle Vernhes and Philippe Coudray take along with them on this “ Indian Journey” all those, who, like themselves, possess a rare know-how and the vision of artisan-art as an ambassador of  the French way of life and tradition.
It is in this spirit that the showroom of My Tailor Home, based in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai was set up. It was inaugurated in 2013 and  is laid out in the form of small display scenes of items designed and produced by the artisan-artists.  
The feeling here is deliberately eclectic, warm and refined , consistent with the heritage of each brand present , and reflecting the image of the city where it has been established.
Here in this “Indian Trading Post”, the welcome is the byword. Interior designers and individuals passionate aboutdesign, as well as construction companies, hotels, restaurants, and wedding planners can all create their interior decoration projects  and  also complete them with items  and  fine pieces from the numerous luxury brands present.